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Introducing Yamaha RMX VD59 Driver. it comes with The "RMX VD Weight System" allows you to adjust the
impact posture while maintaining the moment of inertia of 5,820g ・ ㎠, which is close to the upper limit of the rule.
Ideal square impact and high straight-line stability for everyone.

Yamaha's original new system ensures high "straight running stability" at any position because the moment of inertia (5,003g ・ ㎠ for VD driver and 5,820g ・ ㎠ for VD59 driver) does not change even if the weight position is adjusted.

The VD driver is 26.5 ° to 31 °, and the VD59 driver is 30.5 ° to 36.5 °. The center of gravity angle of 10° can be adjusted with the two models, covering almost the entire center of gravity angle of any driver. Whether you want to prevent the ball from being caught too much or you want to catch it firmly, you can achieve a square impact with the optimum center of gravity angle (grabbing) for your swing.

Golfers tend to unknowingly try to hit at the center of the head height. Yamaha paid attention to this and designed the crown shape and face design so that the unconsciously recognized part and the "most flying point (optimum hitting point) = slightly upper part of the face center" match.

By giving the crown a bulge, the overall height of the head is raised, and at the same time, the design of the boundary between the crown and face and the appearance of the scoreline is adjusted. It is designed so that the hit points are gathered at the top of the face.

Boost Ring Technology

A series of ribs from the crown to the sole and the hosel form an integrated ring, fixing the vicinity of the face. By equalizing the deflection in all directions at the time of the hit, energy is concentrated on the ball and the initial velocity is increased.

Face Weight Reduction

By optimizing the weight of the face area, we have achieved a weight reduction of 12%. Achieves more efficient power transmission by reducing the amount of residual energy in the face.

RTS ( RMX Tuning System )

The Remix Tuning System (RTS) used in the RMX (Remix) driver allows you to tune for your swing, providing greater distance and more accurate shots.