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Introducing ONOFF Driver Kuro 2021. A driver that adopts a heavy head design that enhances collision energy efficiency at impact and increases ball speed. it comes with unique cross-balance technology that allows you to adjust the swing balance reduces the difficulty of swinging that is common with heavy heads. Head speed is also increased with a club that optimizes the ease of swinging. A new level of flight distance performance has been achieved at the fastest ball speed created by two speedups for flying.

Features & Benefits:

  • XCBT (Cross Balance Technology) - It allows you to adjust not only the head weight but also the grip side weight by replacing the weight screw common to the head and grip with a special wrench. An unprecedented adjustment system that allows you to easily customize the balance. With the separately sold weight screw, it is possible to customize to bring the optimum performance to each golfer. (1) By exchanging the weight screw of the head and grip, it is possible to adjust the head weight and balance to improve the optimum performance for each golfer. In the standard specifications, the head is equipped with a weight of 12g (2 + 4 + 6), and the grip is equipped with a weight of 7g. (2) By replacing the weight screw (sold separately) of the head, it is possible to adjust the heavy head and balance that are optimal for each golfer. The standard specification is equipped with a weight of 12g (2 + 4 + 6). By changing the weight by ± 2g, the balance changes by ± 2.
  • OTCS (ONOFF Trajectory Control System) - Comes with an adjustable sleeve that allows you to adjust the loft angle and lie angle for the optimum trajectory to fly more. You can tune up to the loft, lie angle, and face angle by increasing or decreasing the numbers below to the standard specifications.
  • Triple Power Trench - By flexing and restoring, the ball is pushed out, the flight distance is further increased, the entire face is changed to a high initial velocity area, and the flight distance loss due to off-center hits is reduced, thereby achieving more flight and gentleness than ever before. Trench. Even if you miss a hit with toe and heel, you can increase the repulsive force by using 3 trenches to reduce the loss of flight distance.

Our Recommend Player Profile:
The Latest Kuro Introduces Cross Fit Technology giving the player the ability to fine tune their driver like never before! With its compacted and slightly deeper head profile (when Compared to the AKA) it is a low spinning, low launching driver aimed at the better player looking to lower flight and/or spin while retaining the ability to shape the ball from the tee. It is best suited to the mid-to-low handicap player.