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Exemplifying Artistry in Design The HER Majesty Full Set redefines golf equipment with its sophisticated and artful design. Crafted in collaboration with contemporary artists and the essence of majesty, it stands as a pinnacle of both fashion and function.

An Expression of Confidence for Empowered Women Crafted for the independent and self-assured woman, this collection serves as a medium of self-expression through the art of golf. It embodies the essence of modern women who exude confidence in their every swing.

Elevate Your Experience Through Ownership Possession of the HER Majesty Full Set bestows a sense of superiority and satisfaction that transcends ordinary golfing equipment. It is an embodiment of excellence in both aesthetics and performance.

Graceful Trajectories Born from Effortless Swings Witness the breathtaking beauty of ball trajectories released effortlessly through each swing, providing an unparalleled sense of pleasure and delight to every player.

Your Exclusive Brand for an Abundant Golfing Life - "HER MAJESTY" "HER MAJESTY" is a collection that collaborates with contemporary artists and majesty to create a unique and captivating world view. In the year 2023, we embark on a journey across the globe, merging classical calligraphy with diverse cultures, as realized through our collaboration with the renowned calligrapher, Mamimozi.

HER MAJESTY A series brand that transcends conventions, "HER MAJESTY" stands as a symbol of distinction. Owning these pieces alone evokes a sense of supremacy and unparalleled satisfaction.

Calligraph2ity: Where Calligraphy Meets Graffiti "Calligraf2ity" is an ode to Japan's culture of counting "hiifuumiiyoo" and the fusion of two worlds: calligraphy and graffiti, marking the evolution of a cherished tradition into the next generation.

KUNOICHI (Female Ninja) Incorporating the character "女" (woman), which signifies a female ninja (KUNOICHI) in Japanese, our designs transcend the boundaries, expressing boundless energy and liberation, echoing the progress of women's empowerment in today's world.

HER MAJESTY FULL SET Featuring Mamimozi's masterpieces not only on the clubheads but also on the shafts, caddy bag, and headcovers, the HER Majesty Full Set offers a harmonious and comprehensive golfing experience. Our clubs adhere to the specifications of MAJESTY PRESTIGIO XII Ladies, ensuring lightweight and comfortable swings that yield stunning ball flights, delivering impressive distance and sheer joy.

Set Composition: 11 Clubs + Caddy Bag + Bonus Boston Bag

  • Driver (Custom-fit)
  • Fairway Woods (3W & 5W)
  • Hybrid (5H)
  • Irons (7i, 8i, 9i, PW, AW, SW)
  • Putter (Mallet Type)
  • Caddy Bag
  • Complimentary Boston Bag with Your Purchase