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This full-size 460cc shallow-face model leads the series with the longest center of gravity distance and deepest center of gravity depth, making it an exceptionally forgiving driver head. With excellent ball grip and the ability to target maximum distance with a gentle, high trajectory, the GT3 is an ideal choice.

One of the key features of the GT3 is its ability to aim for maximum distance with a stable fade ball. It combines easy ball elevation and grip, making it the most forgiving model in the series. Experience the all-new Baldo with its fresh flight, impact, and sound, courtesy of the TT series' latest technology.

The Booster Groove, positioned closer to the face on the sole, maximizes the face's rebound force by utilizing the flex and recoil during impact. This enhances initial ball speed by flexing the area around the face and minimizes distance loss on off-center hits below the center of gravity.

Improving on the previous model's impact sound weaknesses, the GT3 offers a tighter, more pleasing impact sound achieved through a combination of shape and internal structure enhancements.

The addition of the Tuning Injection Hole on the toe side allows for further sound tuning and weight adjustments, offering customization options to suit individual preferences.

Equipped with the Vassist TPU Plate on both sides of the sole, this part, made of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU), combines flexible rubber-like characteristics with the strength of rigid plastic. This feature effectively absorbs and reduces vibrations during impact, providing a balanced vibration-assist function for a smoother feel.

Crafted from DAT55G material, the forged cup face, with its precise forging and varied heat treatments, enlarges the sweet spot, absorbing impact energy more effectively for higher initial ball velocity. Micro-laser milling scorelines between the grooves promote consistent spin rates, ensuring stability and control.

Featuring an 8 Adjustable Angle Sleeve available in Type 1.2 and 1.5, this driver allows loft angle adjustments within ±1.0° and ±1.5° ranges across 8 positions, adapting to various preferences. Note that the package includes the TYPE 1.2 sleeve.