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Introducing Proto Concept C03 Iron. The finest feel of the soft iron material integrally molded The tour cavity back created by the precision forging method.

Center of gravity optimization design by CNC undercut processing.

For 5 to 7 irons that want height and spin rate, CNC undercut processing is applied to the lower part of the back face to make the center of gravity deeper and lower and optimize the position of the center of gravity. Achieves the kindness required by improvement-oriented golfers.

The size of the set is unified so that the counts of 8 and below that do not scrape the back face part do not become too small. It has both good appearance and performance.

Pure feel and sound due to precision forging by integral molding of soft iron.

Achieves a hitting feel and sound that is unique to the forging method using a single soft iron material. Make the golfer's sense sharper. By machining, the back face is deeply carved and the thickness of the back of the hitting point is firmly secured, which satisfies the element of the sense that the golfer wants.

Manufactured at the world's highest forging factory in order to realize a skillfully designed head shape with high accuracy. We eliminated product errors and pursued shape uniformity and quality.