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● B1 that is not afraid of the left and shoots the ball. : Achieves both high-dimensional control and straight-line performance. The B1 has a strong trajectory that doesn't succumb to the wind and allows you to aim and fly just as you imagined. The center of the sole is made harder to pursue straightness.
●Medium strong trajectory, face orientation/slightly sliced, trajectory/medium to high, degree of grip/medium
●Adjustable cartridge 3.0: Weight changed from 7g to 9g, expanding adjustment range. Furthermore, it is now possible to make settings that suit your swing.
The trajectory can be adjusted to suit your swing with 5 weight ports.
●New SP-COR: The high initial velocity area has been significantly expanded, further increasing flight distance.
Improved toe and heel repulsion performance. Improved tolerance and reduced distance loss!
●New SP-COR's three evolutionary points
structure has evolved: Polymer inside/In order to absorb shock and maintain strength, the polymer that was attached to the tip of conventional products has been moved inside. Change
Material evolution: From aluminum to titanium/In order to ensure strength and increase the effect of pressing the face, the conventional product's aluminum material was changed to titanium Phase evolution: Thinner & lighter weight
/By reviewing the structure and material, the face Achieved overall thinning. Furthermore, the face weight is approximately 7% lighter
●Booth and power technology: The sole is stiffened and the crown is deflected.
Hybrid Crown: Carbon crown with built-in honeycomb strings. Pursuing high initial velocity and high launch with high restoring
force Power slit: The power slit is located internally. Increasing the deflection of the crown at impact to pursue high initial velocity and high launch
●Power milling: Toe and heel milling is twice as rough as the center. Suppressing spin on off-center hits improves straight-line performance.

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