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  • Speed Bow Head Design - The newly designed shape enhances Aerodynamics, allowing for more speed & stability throughout the swing, this results in more consistency of distance and ball flight.
  • 2-Tone Crown - The unique design helps the player align the ball better to the center of the face, while also aiding in alignment down the intended target line.
  • Radial Spider Face -  Allows for greater face flex at impact, imparting more speed to the ball and in turn generating consistent distance. The Spider face is designed to maximize miss hits and has resulted in a highly forgiving club-face.
  • Impact Fit Shaft - The shaft has been specifically engineered to enhance stability and accuracy for the player without any additional effort on his part.

Our Recommend Player Profile:
With its lightweight construction from the head through to the shaft the new Shuttle Gold is designed for the slower swinging golfer. The Radial Spider Face & the 2-Tone Crown design make it ideally suited for mid-to-high handicap player looking form some distance and more overall consistency.