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The new Ping putters perform better than ever with a new adjustable shaft length. Three new G Le2 putters (Anser, Shea and Echo), with Pebax face inserts and TR face technology, offer an unparalleled level of precision thanks to better feel in the shot for greater hitting consistency. distance. The shaft is very easy to use and can be adjusted between 31" and 35" depending on playing conditions. The new PP59's mid-size grip, in addition to improving feel, is very comfortable.

The Echo Slight Arc Putter is the ideal hammer for players with very light or no putting arc.

FOR WHO? PING offers three different options for your chosen putter so you always have the instrument you need at the right time. The G LE2 putter includes a traditional bladed Anser for golfers with a light nipple arc, a half Shea hammer for players with a pronounced arc, and an Echo hammer for a low arc.

TECHNICAL SIDE PING has used Sigma 2's renowned technology to allow you to adjust the length of your shaft (between 31 and 35 inches) by rotating the top of the handle thereby enjoying the perfect putting position. Pebax dual durometer face inserts equipped with TR technology give you the best of both worlds with a soft front liner and a firm back liner for great impact feel. The PP59's soft mid-size grip fits snugly in the hand and helps limit wrist movement for greater precision.